Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof Backpacks

Body Armor for any occasion

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Military Grade Armor

Military Grade Armor

Now Available To Civilians

Bulletproof Vests
NIJ IIIa light weight armor available

NIJ IIIa light weight armor available

Each plate weighs only 3 pounds and remains stab and blade resistant

Light weight armor
NIJ III Rifle Plates Will Stop Anything

NIJ III Rifle Plates Will Stop Anything

High Powered Assault Rifles witth Full Metal Jacket Military Arms

Not a problem

Gorilla Armor - Omega Bulletproof Vest

Currently reduced from $499 to only 299.00

Gorilla Armor Omega Bulletproof Vest
  • Variable Size

    Fully modular vest expands and contracts to fit any size operator. Full MOLLE load out also included and fully adjustable and completely customizable.
  • Spike, Stab, & Edged Blade

    Exceeds maximum NIJ Standard-0115.00 the highest government standard for edged blade, spike, and stab protection
  • 10 year warranty

    All Gorilla Body Armor is tested and weapons lab approved to exceed government standards for years to come
  • Ships in 24 hours

    No waiting for weeks for your vest to arrive unlike most body armor companies we pack and ship each order every day

Why Gorilla Armor?

There's only 1 reason to buy Gorilla Armor, because it will save your life!
Made In America
All operations are performed in the United States to ensure proper oversight every vest is assembled and tested by hand in the USA
Weapons lab tested
All body armor is both lab tested and field tested & far exceed all government standards for stab, spike, and ballistic resistance
Stab, Spike & Edged Blade
All Gorilla Body Armor exceeds maximum NIJ Standard-0115.00 the highest government standard for edged blade, spike, and stab protection.
10 Year Warranty
Gorilla Body Armor surpasses government regulations by such a vast margin that we guarantee our vest will perform to spec for a full 10 years.
Government Approved
Our bulletproof vests are tested exclusively by US sanctioned weapons laboratories. All Armor must exceed government weapons grade standards
Shooters Cut
All armor plates come with a specialized shooters cut we modified for full mobility and coverage to suit fully armed operators

Bulletproof Vests & Body Armor Backpacks

Gorilla Armor offers a full line of overt military grade body armor and armored backpacks. Our vests are fully featured with a full line up of MOLLE acessories included with every purchase. Each armored backpack is available upto a full NIJ II and has attachemnts for a full loadout of hiking equipment or tactical adaptations as a military assault pack.
Bulletproof Vests & Body Armor Backpacks

Bulletproof Vest Packages

All packages are available to be shipped out in under 24 hours & each is a custom made hand assembled unit.
All body armor options are also available in a full line of tactical colors and made to spec.

Featured Images


  • Woodland Camo

    Woodland Camo

    NIJ IIIA bulletproof Backpack

    Woodland Camo
  • Oversize Backoack

    Oversize Backoack

    Full MOLLE and hiking attachments capable of a full tactical load out to survive months in the field

    Oversize Backoack
  • Bulletproof backpacks

    Bulletproof backpacks

    Our body armor has a litany of complex feature and is able to accommodate a full military rucksack load out

    Bulletproof backpacks

The Omega Bulletproof Vest

Our premier vest 100% custom and hand made, completely sourced and assembled in America. Tested exclusively in U.S government sanctioned weapons laboratories to exceed all government regulations both for NIJ Standard-0115.00 for spike, stab, and edged blade protection and NIJ Standard-0101.06 for ballistic protection.
The Omega Bulletproof Vest

NIJ Rating Charts

THe Nij determines rating for U.S based armor
NIJ Rating Charts

Ratings Levels Simplified

Save $200 Level 5 currently on sale for just $299
Ratings Levels Simplified

Our greatest testimonial is all our customers are alive

We have had 0 recorded faiure in the entire history of the comapny. That's the real deference between us and the competition. Our clients live.

Due to government cuts all we can get is low level Kevlar which isn't nearly as good as Gorilla Armor hard plates so allot of my fellows LEO's are buying armor here and switching out the plates.
I've never seen such good craftman ship and decided to spend the money and get the $400 top of the line Omega vest. However, it went on sale right after. They reimbursed me for the difference and even when I called and said the plates were a bit heavy they hooked me up with a lighter weight NIJ IIIa plate that's barely 3lbs and is a shiny pearl white. I thinks its exclusive to them I've anything Ike it.
Best plate carrier I've ever owned. Put up with any abuse and attachments in the pictures actually come free with the vest.
I love Gorilla Armor so light and versatile plus the full array of free attachments

Featured Collection

All collections surpass government testing standards and come in a full line of tactical colors