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Body Armor and Bulletproof Backpacks

“The NIJ standard is the only nationally accepted standard for the body armor worn by law enforcement.” -The National Institute of Justice


United States Government Approved Weapons Laboratory.


In house only. Individual handcrafted and inspected in our U.S. weapons facility.

Ballistic Protection

Exceeds NIJ III Standard-0101.06, surpassing both military and law enforcement levels of protection.

Spike Protection Level

NIJ III – Maximum Government Standard-0115.00.

Edged Blade Protection

NIJ III – Maximum Government Standard-0115.00.

Vest Warranty



One size
One size doesn’t ever truly fit all, so we made a modular fully adjustable vest that changes into any size.


We started this company with one goal: Make the best body armor available. Our number one priority has always been and always will be to keep our customers safe. We only make one vest and it has been painstakingly engineered, developed, sourced and tested to be the highest performing bulletproof vest commercially available. We never spare expenses or cut corners to save money during our product development to ensure that the quality of our armor would be unmatched. All of the materials for our armor are sourced from right here in the USA and every vest is tested, hand assembled and certified by our team of expert ballistic professionals.  We believe that the best quality body armor is American made and our body armor will always be produced with American goods. 

Our company and all of our staff believe in your right to keep yourself and your family safe from any threat and we make armor products to help you do that. We wish there was no market for bulletproof backpacks, but sadly that is the world we live in these days. If our children need bulletproof backpacks, then we want to be able to provide excellence and perfection in the products we offer to be certain of the safety of all of our customers and users. When you purchase Gorilla Body Armor you are joining our family and we are here to help you. We want to be your first choice source for the American made body armor.

As we grow our company we are building a community of like minded, safety focused individuals who believe in our goal and mission. From curating an expert and highly trained staff to building a collaborative internship program and a strong network of sales affiliates around the country we are working every day to build a better version of ourselves so we can continue to provide you with the safest body armor, Gorilla Body Armor!