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Bulletproof Backpack - Tan

$299.00 $349.00 saving $50.00
Bulletproof Backpack - Tan

Bulletproof Backpack - Tan

$299.00 $349.00 saving $50.00

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Gorilla Armor is fully adjustable made to fit operators of any size. Durable, high tensile fabric with integrated MOLLE webbing to allow for full customization of a tactical loadout. Plates engineered to exceed all required government standards for military and law enforcement. Exceeds NIJ 0101.06 Standard for ballistic protection, as well as exceeds NIJ Standard 0115.00 for protection against stab, spike, and edged blade attacks. Testing carried out by independent, government approved weapons labs. All body armor is tested, assembled, inspected, and packaged in America. All bulletproof backpacks Include free shipping and a 10 year warranty.

Bulletproof Backpack - Tan

Bulletproof Backpack - Tan Suggested ballistics rating of NIJ IIIA, NIJ III, or NIJ III+

Gorilla Armor Omega Body Armor Vest
  • Variable Size

    Fully modular vest expands and contracts to fit any size operator. Full MOLLE load out also included and fully adjustable and completely customizable.
  • Spike, Stab, & Edged Blade

    Exceeds maximum NIJ Standard-0115.00 the highest government standard for edged blade, spike, and stab protection
  • 10 year warranty

    All Gorilla Body Armor is tested and weapons lab approved to exceed government standards for years to come
  • Ships in 24 hours

    No waiting for weeks for your vest to arrive unlike most body armor companies we pack and ship each order every day

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications
  • Size

    All products are fully adjustable and completely modular. Size adjustments adapt to any operator and MOLLE webbing allows for intricate tactical load outs of all included attachments and 3rd party accessories.
  • Support

    After purchase all clients get a dedicated customer service rep and ballistics specialist to help you with any questions you have. Your dedicated reps direct line will be printed on each armor plate.
  • Testing

    All product are tested and hand assembled in the USA. All testing occurs at 3rd party government sanctioned weapons labs. Each unit is custom made to order and hand packed and individually inspected multiple times prior to shipment.
  • Warranty

    10 years 100% Guaranteed 0 Recorded failures Also if your armor takes a hit in the field we'll give you a brand new vest.